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Jamu Kashmir National Awami Party; has always upheld the democratic values and basic human rights to all citizens irrespective of the cast or colour.

Our goals is to organise and uniting the people of Jammu Kashmir. So that the region of Kashmir can prosper, progress and develop.


To all members of Jammu Kashmir National Awami Party United Kingdom branch (JKNAPUK).
It has been notified to all party member that few individuals had acted unconstitutionality and created a parallel party group to claim as a party which is not recognized by the JKNAP UK branch it's founders and majority members of the party in UK.
We are seriously workings on that issue of bogus representation in the name of JKNAP UK in United Kingdom.
In this context we advice all party members in UK to stay away of this unconstitutional act and don't support this self created fraction of JKNAPUK specially those having asylum cases in UK.
We are in touch with legal authorities to addresses this issue according to the legal, constitutional and majority of the members of JKNAP UK.Those are holding it's UK convention on 11Feburary 2023.
Issued by:
On behalf of Jammu Kashmir National Awami Party UK

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